Our shop is now open, Newegg added as our partner!

Happy to announce we are now opening up a channel for our customers to purchase the Moonlander 2 and future products directly through our site. To provide the best customer experience, and help as many people as possible purchase a Moonlander; we are accepting almost every form of  modern payment payment, including Apple/Google Pay and of course all major cryptocurrencies through coinbase!

Please visit our new store at shop.futurebit.io. Feel free to create an account with us and be the first to know about new products or promotions!

In addition to our direct sales, we are excited to partner with Newegg.com and offer our product with the largest online electronics retailer in the world! You can check out and buy our Moonlander 2 directly from Newegg!


Newegg FutureBit Moonlander 2

Stay tuned for some additional exciting developments at FutureBit!



John Stefanopoulos